five good things: cruising right in edition

Hey there chickens! We’re cruising smoothly into the weekend, which for me means finally taking down my Christmas tree, (just unplug the lights and leave it there, JW said. I think that makes our living room an alley, I noted.) seeing some friends, and heading out to CA for about 48 hours. In the interim, let’s talk about what’s good.

Here it goes.

1. Last night JW and I received cards from Austin and KD thanking us for their Christmas gifts. In addition to being adorable, funny, smart, and athletically inclined, they’re also polite. That’s totally objective. kdnikaus

In Aus’ card, he thanked us for each item we gave him individually, and when we landed on his sentence about his new necklace, even a long day couldn’t keep me from grinning.

Thank you for the necklace. I promise not to give this one to any Brazilian girls at the beach.As long as I know these guys, I’ll never stop laughing.

2. My little brother’s birthday is on Saturday. At some point, he decided it would be okay to turn 22, which I’m pretty sure I never authorized. There’s no one who’s more like me than my silly, wacky, thoughtful baby bro.mikienikki
3. While I’ve been running around like crazy this week and JW’s been headed back to school, we’ve also been trying to eat a little healthier. Which means when I finally got home on Tuesday night, it was to a big pot of this.


I believe he found it over here, and this combination of white beans, kale, and quinoa in a soup was pretty much amazing.

4. Last weekend JW’s mom gave me the Smitten Kitchen cookbook for Christmas, which I already know to be awesome. Which is why I also gave it to her. This, combined with Ky’s gift of The Sprouted Kitchen, means we’ve got one million recipes to work with all winter long.

5. JD and I have, in this second week of January, become regulars at our Yoga/Kettlebell studio. This means friendly ribbing, lots of encouragement, and veto power over Gene’s strange choices in music.

I predict a flexible, strong new year.

If I can keep myself from toppling over. Enjoy this one, chickens!


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