i think it’s best if we both stay

Oh hi there, chickadees!

We made it all the way to Friday.

I’m pausing to appreciate that accomplishment.



Between last night and this morning, I’ve had the pleasure of practicing yoga twice, which means I’m feeling relaxed, alert, and…sore.

Being a yogi is hard work when you have the flexibility of an elephant, you guys.

But one day, I’m gonna be able to do this.


Goal setting keeps me from collapsing in a heap.

Next up: Heading out tonight to catch a glimpse of my Iowa-living friend T, celebrating my brother’s birthday, swinging some bells, pretending that I haven’t turned my home into a storage unit by trying to make it look like a place humans live, and then heading off to sunny CA Sunday morning for, well, 48 hours.

I like to keep it interesting, chicks.

Also: last night, as I sat in my cubicle, finishing up my work in my yoga outfit (leggings & tank tops: business casual?), I found this article, which I found a little interesting, a little scary, and worth the quick read.

On learning things about working

Disclaimer: I don’t agree with it all, but it did make me scratch my head, shut down my computer, and head to class.

Keep it loose, chickens, and enjoy the weekend ahead of us.



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One response to “i think it’s best if we both stay

  1. Have a great weekend!

    As you continue your yoga practice, I’m working on a plank challenge. I find it awful, but am keeping it up for the sake of widdling my middle… 🙂

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