mountains majesty

Chickadees, I had a quick weekend, packing in kettlebells, yoga, a movie, and dinner downtown before boarding a plane for the west coast at an unmentionable time this morning.

And now, I’m sitting in my cute little hotel room in San Mateo, CA, eating Luna bars and watching football until it’s time to get the real work started.

Despite the earliness with which I was forced to rise back in the Windy City this morning, I did get the pleasure of the above view of beautiful mountains as a treat during my long flight.

And I had an aisle to myself.

Which meant an uninterrupted nap, some coffee (I’ll make you a fresh pot, said the world’s nicest flight stewardess), more reading about Catherine the Great, and getting some work done in advance of what I suspect will be another busy week.

I hope the rest of you are having lovely, relaxing, enjoyable Sundays.

Catch that sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens.



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