lifting up from the ground

Morning, chickadees!

This is one of those weeks that seems to be moving rapidly and dragging on at the same time.

Which I know doesn’t even make sense.

Bear with me, guys.


Here’s a thought for the day.

My plan, initially, was to try and incite a little inspiration on Monday mornings, but on Monday I was in a hotel with spotty wireless.

It’s really the thought that counts.

Anyway, here’s another one to think about as we head into this weekend:

“If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.”

Point well taken. I’m one of those terribly annoying people who thinks that 99% of the time, your happiness is completely dependent on you making yourself a more positively minded and content person.

It doesn’t mean I don’t find myself in the position of unwavering tree from time to time.

It’s a nice reminder that I can get up any time I like, really.


Last night, I went to kettlebells after a few days of traveling, eating too much, and sleeping sitting up on airplanes.

In this edition of swinging around a bell and listening to Rage Against the Machine, Gene laughed and tousled my hair when I asked if we were finished.

The joke’s on him though: sweaty, unwashed hair is a pretty gross thing to come in contact with, especially on purpose.


Up today: get a little work done, count down the minutes until the weekend, and hit the yoga mat.

Enjoy what you’ve got out there, chickadees.


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One response to “lifting up from the ground

  1. I spent a lot of time thinking yesterday was Thursday. it was maddening. However, here we are and I’m glad this week is coming to a close! Have a great one, friend!

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