you know i love it when the ride is smooth

Chickens, it’s freezing out there.

Yesterday I wore about seventeen layers outside, and still felt like a block of ice by the time I hit my building.

It takes everything in me not to scold anyone not wearing a hat.

Last night, I headed over to Ky’s after work- but first stopped for supplies at Whole Foods.

Where I got into an intense discussion about points of interest in Europe with the cashier.

Apparently by skipping the castles of Austria, I am missing out.

You learn something new every day.

Next up, I headed back into the tundra to catch the bus.

I put my bag down on a bench, and attempted to track the CTA.

Which is impossible to do when you’re wearing gloves and also are maybe challenged motor-skill wise.

In two minutes flat, I had managed to tangle myself in my headphones, and nearly tripped into the street.

Luckily, it was at this point that I saw the bus coming.

And driving by me.

Which is when I realized the bus stop was actually across the street from the bench.

What kind of plan is that, I asked myself, as I ran after the 2394th bus of my bus-chasing career.

When I finally made it to Ky’s, we pulled out her new Sprouted Kitchen cookbook, and got to work constructing some beans-and-cheese stuffed poblanos.

Due to becoming a little aggressive with our chipotle peppers (is one pepper for pansies? Ky asked. I nodded my head. We make a lot of mistakes, chickens), I managed to burn both my mouth and fingers in the cooking process, but rest assured, the peppers were delicious.



After dipping everything we were eating into greek yogurt to make it more manageable, and crying through Parenthood, Ky looked at me and asked if I’d drink a glass of water with chlorophyll.

Which I know is a weirdo thing to say.

However, she’s my best friend, so I said yes, even though I think it’s bizarre to drink plant pigment.

Ky tells me that chlorophyll is a detoxifier and anti-inflammatory (and who am I to turn that down), but seriously you guys, it’s basically like drinking grass.

Stand by to see if I become any less skeptical.

Post nightcap of earth matter, I bundled up, headed out into the night, and managed to ride a completely empty bus to my corner.

So it was kind of like a limo.

With fluorescent lighting.

I’ll take what I can, chickadees.

Stay warm out there!



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One response to “you know i love it when the ride is smooth

  1. Haha Nikki, I can totally relate to the block of ice feeling. Walking to work yesterday was brutal. I had every inch of my exposed flesh covered except for my eyes. EEEEK.

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