lead me back.

Chickadees, I’m so glad that it’s Friday.

The past few days (maybe because of the weather), I’ve been feeling sluggish tired, and a little bit down.

The week has been full to the brim, and despite trying to do some kind of yoga-mat-hitting or kettlebell-swinging every day, it hasn’t been able to break me out of sulking around, wishing it was warm, or sunny, or that I felt less crazy.

This morning, I woke up feeling slow moving, but I hear it’s 20 degrees today (which seems almost tropical at this point), and when I looked outside my window, I saw this.



Not my best photo, but I’m not venturing into the cold one second before I have to today, chickens.

Anyway, despite the fact that snow comes with its own set of problems in the city, I’m happy to see that the weather’s at least moving in a direction.

Up tonight, I’m hoping to spend the evening relaxing with my pals and washing away this particular work week by catching up and laughing until my sides hurt.

With two days of no work stretched in front of me, I should be as good as new by Monday.

Or by May.

I’m still deciding.

Enjoy this day chicks, and bundle it up out there!



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One response to “lead me back.

  1. This morning was quite balmy, in my opinion. 🙂

    But yes, the winter doldrums have hit me hard. Dinner and a movie tonight. Tomorrow my friend wants me to go out to watch a Mizzou game, but I just don’t know if I have it in me… so ridiculous…

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