no one else is gonna love me when I get mad mad mad

Morning, chicks!

And welcome to a beautiful, sunny day.

I mean, yes, it’s freezing.

But the sun’s out, and I’ll take it.

Yesterday, directly after writing my sort-of-lackluster post about my January blues, I walked to the el contemplating how to pull it together.

I was on the verge of thinking positively.

And then I heard the train coming.

So I started to scamper up the stairs.

People who have arthritis shouldn’t scamper too early in the morning, chickens.

This probably applied to me pre-RA anyway.

In any case, you can probably guess what happened next, which is that somehow, I managed to trip, hit the ground, and ended up heading to work with dirty hands and dirty knees.

Like an eight-year-old boy.

This, as you can imagine, did not improve my mood.

However, last night after work I spent a few hours with my pals drinking wine, eating snacks, and laughing so hard that at one point I actually slid onto the floor.

I might have been pushed.

I’m not sure it matters.

I am sure that laughing on the floor is way better than wiping off your dirty paws down there.

It’s good that we can make 180s so fast in this life, you guys.

This morning I’ve already had my ass kicked by my Russian friend Gene, who gave me so many high fives that I can’t possibly be in a bad mood (despite the fact that well, he kicked my ass), and I’m headed to the movies to keep the streak of this-is-certainly-a-beautiful-day going.

I’ll steer clear of chasing the public transportation.



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