roosters and vigilantes.

Morning, chickadees!

The sun’s back in hiding over here, but it was certainly nice while it lasted.

Yesterday, aside from finishing up my book about Catherine the Great (you guys, what a bad ass she was. You need to read about her), seeing The Gangster Squad (which made me want to join a 1940s vigilante band of undercover policeman), and making my house look a little less crazy, I brought home this:



JW admitted that he has concerns that I’m becoming a “chicken person”, but really, I don’t think that’s the case.

Plus, both of my kitchen “chickens” are actually roosters.

So maybe I’m a rooster person.

Next up, Ky met me at Whole Foods, so we could try out a vegetable shepherd’s pie.

I’ll spare you all the gory details, because I’m slated to tell that tale over at Garlic, My Soul later this week, but man, it was a battle to the end.

It was also a delicious dinner, albeit, at 9:00 pm.



I’m not sure why I took this picture of the finished product on top of the dirty stove, but you know, maybe I was feeling artistic.

Or maybe I’d had too many glasses of wine.

This morning I’m skipping yoga so that I can meet up with my favorite three bambini for a pancake breakfast fundraiser.

It’s all about balance, chickens.

And also: pancakes with kiddos.

With that, I’m off to enjoy another day of the weekend. Enjoy this one, chicks!



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  1. Catherine the Great kicked ass.

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