and that was a beautiful thing.

And just like that, we’ve hit Monday again.

And that’s an okay thing, chickens.

Over here in the second city, we’ve settled back into dreary weather, this time involving unseasonably warm temperatures and rain.

However, I’m headed for sunny Orlando later this week for work, which means I just might get to see a combination of sunshine and warmth as we head into February.

I’ll take that as a win.

Yesterday, JW and I headed over to St. Andrew’s gym to eat pancakes to do a little fundraising for KD’s 8th grade trip to D.C.

Anything we can support by devouring breakfast is cool with us.

After eating at least three platters of pancakes, sausage, and bacon, we were all feeling a little sluggish, so JW and I took a stroll around the gym with T.



Ignore my crazy hair here, chicks. T’s favorite new trick is pushing my glasses down my nose and then covering my face with all the hair he can grab.

It seems like it’s potential a hysterical activity, judging from how hard it makes him laugh.

I’m not one to disappoint a 13-month-old.

After hanging out with all of the S family for awhile longer, JW and I browsed some condos and then went home, where we sat on the couch and watched all the television that existed while it thundersnowed and sleeted outside.

A nice little Sunday.

Except perhaps, for the new Downton Abbey episode, which if you have not seen, please, be prepared and have tissues on hand.

That’s a serious warning, chickadees.

And now, I’m off to brave this gray day. Enjoy this Monday!


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