cooling down to heat it up

Oh hi there guys.

I’m running a little late this morning, packing up for my trip to Orlando and working a bit before hopping in a cab and on a plane.

I’m always running a little late though.

It’s my jam.

This morning, JD and I hit up yoga bright and early, braving the newly-dropped temperatures and the snow.

When we walked up the steps, our instructor J looked at our tired faces and said, “Are you guys besties?”

If it hadn’t been pre-6:00 am, I would have laughed.

Like I would drag myself to vinyasa with anyone but my best bud.

After laying on my mat for five minutes, wondering if I could just take a nap for an hour instead of stretching out, J stormed in and said “Hey ladies, welcome to snowga!” and then started cackling.

The cackling made me feel a little more human.

So did all the downward dog.

And with that, I’m off to sunny skies and warmer temperatures, even if it’s just for a couple of days.

And even if I’ll probably be inside most of the time.

I’ll take it, chickadees.

Enjoy the march straight to the weekend!




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2 responses to “cooling down to heat it up

  1. I wonder if there really is “snowga” i.e. outdoor yoga in the winter? Have fun in FLA.

  2. Auntie Karen

    Megan & Tess are both leaving for Orlando today too:) Maybe you will run into them.

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