that’s what i thought.

Morning, chickadees.

I’m writing early on this Saturday morning since I’ve got Things to do and Places to be.

And also, I’m currently holed up in a hotel room that’s next to a crazy family who enjoys loud conversation and excited screeching at all hours of the morning.

Maybe I’m just not giving the magic of Disney its proper respect, but you guys, go back to sleep.

Mickey and all those other giant-headed creatures will be waiting, I promise.

Last night, we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner, where I ordered a delicious mahi mahi dish and then was told by both a board member and my boss that I was, in fact, dining on a dolphin.

I landed somewhere between weirded out and horrified, especially when told that I was, in essence, “eating Flipper”.

My pal CJ was even more upset, since dolphins rank high on her favorite animal list.

I’m more of a shark girl myself.

Anyway, after their persistent ribbing, I grew skeptical of their accusations about my menu choice.

Especially since I’m generally on the list of people-to-have-the-wool-pulled-over-their-eyes.

I admit that, chickens.

My suspicions were confirmed this morning when I Google-imaged my dinner in the hopes of proving my coworkers incorrect.



Sorry you two, but this guy doesn’t look like the dolphins at the aquarium.

But he is commonly known as a dolphinfish.

I remain a friend to the water-bound mammal.

And with my conscience cleared, I’m off to get this day started.

Enjoy it where you are, chickadees!



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