high hopes and flying juice.

Morning, chickadees!

I’m back in the snowy, cold second city, after taking a day off to basically sit around and relax.

It was one of the better decisions I’ve made in 2013.

So after watching Cory Booker’s Brick City all day (totally worth it, you guys, even if you’re not as obsessed as I am), I did some grocery shopping (hello, things that are good for me) and then headed to hot yoga.

Hot yoga after a weekend of long meetings and longer nights is basically the most amazing thing.

I was so hyped up that I decided to get up at five-thirty and go to the gym this morning before work.

I get a little ahead of myself sometimes.

Instead, I slept until seven, noticed a sniffle and the beginnings of a sore throat, and decided to try the gym after work.

I also decided a green smoothie would be my best shot at getting in some virus-killing vitamins.

Taking a tip from Ky, I decided to try using my immersion blender. It seemed like a genius idea.

Except that I possess so very little common sense, chickens.

And I started by putting the blender directly into a full glass that had, oh, the same diameter as the blade.

Which meant that the blender first got stuck in the glass, and then, after applying as much force as I could, it came flying out of the cup, splattering spinach-strawberry juice all over my kitchen.

And my sweater.

You guys, I do the best I can.

Luckily, I located another, wider-mouthed glass, which seemed to do the trick.

And I’ve already had a math lesson this morning.

Let’s get it started, chicks. Enjoy this one.



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One response to “high hopes and flying juice.

  1. My coworker just spilled her entire smoothie inside of her work bag. IT is pissed at her.

    Another reason I stay away from smoothies…

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