old stories and new days.

Thursday, already!

I’ll take it.

Last night, instead of swinging bells, I spent the entirety of the evening on my couch, watching things that make me laugh and trying to rest so that I can get rid of this cold by tomorrow.

You guys, I’m the biggest baby on the earth when I have a cold.

JW patiently made me 80 cups of tea, dinner, and fast forwarded all my DVR’d shows for me while I piled on the blankets.

He’s a good one, chickadees.

He also advised me to take Nyquil, which I accepted, despite really hating the way it makes me feel.

Sidenote story: when I was in high school, and my life was Very Important, I didn’t have a lot of time for sleeping.

And because of all my Very Important activities, like making the varsity soccer team, or finishing my homework, or getting into college, I had a lot of anxiety, so falling asleep was nearly impossible.

Not having access to prescription drugs (and also being a goody-two-shoes), I started taking Nyquil to sleep.

And also to fly.

You get the picture.

Eventually, my friend T explained to me that I was actually just drying my whole body out and having some really crazy dreams with my constant Nyquil use, which wasn’t really helping me to deal with my sleeping problem.

I quit the cold medicine once I realized he was right.

JW reminded me though, that it’s an acceptable course of action when you’re actually sick.

I’m a little slow sometimes, chicks.

This morning, I woke up feeling less feverish, and more like a human, but I’m downing Dayquil just to keep myself on the right side of whatever this is.

Next up: making it down the alley in the freezing rain without falling to my death.

I feel like being dramatic today, chickens.





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One response to “old stories and new days.

  1. I hope you made it without falling… the morning walk to the gym was like a mean trick!

    Feel better soon. I hear ya on the cold medicine- I’m terrified of abusing it, but there are also the points where it can be absolutely vital in day-to-day life.

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