five good things: kiss me like you want to be loved edition

You guys, this weekend was exactly what I  needed.

And since I have been in a sort-of-grouchy funk prior to this fun little weekend, I’m starting this week by laying it out there.

Five.Good.Things: the almost-to-the-next-thing edition.

This one will be easy.

1. Friday night, before calling it an early night, I headed out for drinks with friends.

You guys, I’m so lucky to have plenty of things in my life: JW, a family, a roof over my head, the use of my arms and legs.

My friends, chickadee, are right in the top tier of this gratefulness party.


2. Saturday, I got to celebrate KD’s birthday for a hot second, before heading home to a pizza party full of laughing, eating, and wine.

So much fun that I maybe didn’t get a chance to take a picture of all the beautiful people who hugged me and spent the night being all together.

But chickens, a room full of pals singing happy birthday is a sure way to feel loved all over.


3. In between too many glasses of wine, JD and I went to yoga.

Twice. In 48 hours.

I think I’m hung over, she whispered to me as I fell on my mat.

I nodded.

The ever-so-bendy in between us made a face and lectured us on detoxifying for the rest of the class.

I think it’s all about balance, chicks.

That and headstands.
4. This weekend, finally, after six months of using a phone that doesn’t receive text messages and moves at a snail’s pace, I went out and bought myself a shiny new iPhone for my birthday.

My dad let me out at the corner so I could run in and get started, and in my haste, I dropped my old phone in the middle of North Avenue, where it broke into two pieces but still managed to stay on.

This new phone is life changing you guys.

And now I’m gonna know if you’re ignoring me.
5. Last night, I spent the evening at my family’s house in the burbs, eating macaroni & meatballs, homemade lemon-chocolate beignets, and watching the Grammy’s.


It’s been a beautiful couple of day, chickadees.

And now, I’m off to hurry out of here before I start the work late.

Enjoy this one, everyone.



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