oh darling, let’s be adventurers.

Hi there chickens!

And welcome to another full day of this particular trip around the sun.

The first day of my 29th year.

Well, that happened fast.

It seems like just yesterday I was spending time doing things like this:



Please note the turkey leg in one hand, and the pen in the other.

I was born a multi-tasker.

This year has been another beautiful one: 28 brought me so many chances to laugh, cry, and move in new directions, and I hope that 29 shows up with the same adventuring spirit.

So here’s to one last year of my 20s: I’ll be filling it up with everything I can, because I’d like to head into my 30s with a full agenda and a satisfied decade at my back.

My pal CJ posted a few pictures from our feels-so-long-ago trip to beautiful Montana to see our friend JK get married, and one in particular has re-become my favorite. CJ and I had been hiking Glacier State with no water and ridiculous backpacks, because we’re city mice, but that didn’t make it one iota less breathtaking.



I’m looking at this next year as a mountain to climb- I’ve got places to see, chickadees, and the view will be amazing the whole way up.

Enjoy this one, chicks!


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One response to “oh darling, let’s be adventurers.

  1. Awww… happy birthday, lovie! Enjoy this last year of your “20-somethings”. Make it great! 🙂

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