if you believe in me i’ll still believe

Ok chickadees, it’s Friday.

What a beautiful thing.

Also: that happened fast.

A couple of thoughts on the last five days:

I’ve been drinking “green smoothies” all week in an effort to be healthy, and also, to rid myself of the overflowing clamshell of spinach we didn’t use up during last week’s pizza party. Every day, I’ve been adding more spinach, because I couldn’t quite get my smoothie to be green. All the berries seemed to make it purple no matter what I did.

This morning, I added so much spinach that the whole thing looks like mud.

It’s still delicious.

Also to note- I can’t be bothered to pour these concoctions into a glass, so I drink them out of measuring containers.


Monday night, way back when I was 28, I stayed late-ish at work and then headed to the el. A brown line train pulled up right away and I hopped on, got a seat, and opened my book.

About fifteen minutes later, some noise made me look up, and I realized that I wasn’t on the brown line.

I was on the green line, in a neighborhood too tough for someone reading a young adult book and sporting maybe hipster glasses to be cruising.

I got off the train, spent 60 slightly terrifying seconds stumbling in the dark to the other side of the street, and headed back into the city accompanied by a couple arguing about the number of arrests they’ve had and why their brushes with the law were actually other people’s fault.

I’ve got to pay more attention.


Last night, I skipped candlelit yoga to drink two bottles of wine and eat flatbread.

I’m hoping  that the green smoothies make up for these transgressions.

They definitely do, right?


Enjoy this sunshine, chickens, it’s beautiful in this slice of the earth.


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