splashing down.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome back to the week.

The week in which I have already managed to immersion blender a smoothie across most of my kitchen.

And also maybe onto my iPhone.

Which seems to be doing fine, in case you were wondering.

Personally, I’m wondering if I am ever going to know better.

The answer is, probably not.


I’m off to work today, on a lovely holiday designated to honor Presidents.

I’ll be honoring spreadsheets and conference planning.

You don’t get a day off for that one, though.


Last night’s Downton Abbey has basically left me in a deep, early-20th-century depression.

Please tell me that someone feels the same way.

When does Mad Men start again?


At the end of this sure-to-be-both-gray-and-cold February week, JD, Ky, and I are jetting off to West Palm Beach for the weekend.

Sometimes, the only cure for what ails you is lots of sun and a beach chair.

And a couple of cocktails and a few days of just doing nothing.

I am at least smart enough to know that, chickadees.

And with that, I am off to start this week (and maybe adjust my attitude, just a little).

Enjoy the sunshine, if you’ve got it.



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