if i ain’t got you baby

Morning, chickens.

And my apologies for not showing up yesterday.

It turns out that deciding you want to get to work early when you wake up, well, not early means you must be in a rush.

I’m moving a little more slowly this morning.

Last night, I finished Gone Girl at my kitchen table while downing steak fajitas before scuttling off to kettlebells.

I really need to work on the moving too fast thing, I think.

In any case, I had surveyed my resident bibliophile at work prior to finishing it, demanding to know if I would be disappointed.

You won’t be disappointed in the writing, she reasoned. But maybe with the characters.



I assured her that I could not be any more disappointed with the characters, since they are generally fairly terrible people, and went about my day.

I was disappointed with the characters.

You should read this anyway though: it’s a page turner.


In 48 hours, I will be on a plane to a place with palm trees and a pool.

I have never wished for 48 hours to move faster.

And then for the next 80something hours to move very, very slowly.

Things don’t usually turn out like that, but I can hope, right?


In the meantime, I’m headed out into another cold morning.

We’re well past halfway through February chickadees.

Let’s keep that one in mind.



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One response to “if i ain’t got you baby

  1. That book has been on my goodreads account for way to long… just waiting… sigh…

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