was it everything that you wanted to find

Oh hi there, chickadees.

And sorry for the way longer than usual jump between posts.

I was soaking up some sunshine in Florida, laughing with my pals, and eating chips.

I think that’s exactly the kind of cure you need for February in Chicago.

After four beautiful days of hanging by the pool and basking in the fact that I have perhaps the most fun and hysterical best friends a girl could be thankful for, the weather got crazy in our home city, and we ended up stuck for one more night.

I cannot say I am sorry about this fact.

You wouldn’t be either- I’ll show you.



Other things that happened: laughing in every room of Ky’s uncle’s beautiful, beautiful home (you could tell from looking around he had led a fantastic life), piano concerts that lasted 12 notes, cooking up delicious meals, and drinking tequila poolside.

It was a delight.

But however sad I was to leave the sun, I am glad that yesterday was the last day of longer-than-it-should-be February, and that all we’ve got ahead of us is spring.

Which I’m focusing on despite the fact that I see snow coming down outside of my office window.

I have faith in summer, chickens. It shows up every year.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!




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