no it won’t all go the way it should.

Morning, chick-a-dillos.

Go with it, okay?

I’m having a much calmer morning in the Second City today.

Before JW left, he pointed to the counter.

“It wasn’t just you. The bottle was hard to open.”

This made me feel infinitely better about yesterday morning’s struggle.

There will be no kitchen scenes over trying to open things today.

Last night, in preparation for the big snow (that by the way, seems to be just now thinking about starting maybe if it feels like it), I headed to hot yoga to work out the kinks of Monday.

There is nothing better than a few twists and a headstand to really turn things around, you guys.

Three days in a row after a week off means my shoulders are on fire, but I’m good with it.

Three days without yoga sometimes makes me want to set things on fire.

I’ll take the sore arms, I think.

Up today: tracking the storm, dinner with friends, and figuring out how JW’s going to hobble around post-surgery in ten inches of snow.

Somehow, I think crutches might not be the answer to this problem.

Unless perhaps they come equipped with snow shoes.

Stay tuned on how we figure this one out, chickens.

Enjoy this snow, and let’s hope it’s the last!



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One response to “no it won’t all go the way it should.

  1. I was all up in arms last night trying to figure out my method of attack when it came to my morning workout. Should I just do a tape at home? Should I set out my boots and brave what may possibly be happening? Should I jsut sleep in?

    All that worry. For nothing. It didn’t even start until I walked out my door on the way to work. Typical.

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