hanging out and resting up

Morning, chickens!

I’m seeing the sun peeking out from behind the clouds today, and that is nearly enough for me to have the energy to tackle this one.

It’s already Thursday you guys.

How did that even happen?

I don’t even care, if we’re going to be honest.

Yesterday, after six long hours at the hospital (JW’s surgery was actually a paltry 45 minutes), we made it back home with prescriptions, liquids, and most importantly, fried scallops in hand.

I thought it was the least I could do for the guy after a morning of being pricked, put under, and stitched up while I hung out in the waiting room.

Which wasn’t even a big deal, since I sort of love hospitals.

Weird but true facts about me. My dad was (is) a nurse, and he’s mostly worked at hospitals since I can remember. Hospitals are super interesting places to me, as long as nothing too traumatic is going on, and I don’t mind hanging in the background of all the lifesaving for a few hours.

Once we got home, JW settled in and then immediately found an iPad app which is just a dinging concierge bell, and I immediately resolved myself to have at least three hours of patience with the patient.

I’m happy to report that I think I lasted through the night.

Unfortunately, I’m headed to work today, so he’s got no one to make demands of-  although I’m sure it works after work hours, too.

In any case, once his knee heals up and he hits his PT regimen, he’ll be back to running, biking, and playing rugby (if maybe, he’s a little more careful).

This is something to be excited about- summer is headed in our direction, chickadees.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I stare at the not-quite-melted snow.

Enjoy this one- the weekend’s in sight!




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One response to “hanging out and resting up

  1. Our weeks are definitely opposite extremes. I’m like OMG WHY IS IT ONLY THURSDAY?!?!?!

    On another topic, I’m glad to hear JW is as good as new! 🙂

    PS- Shall we try to do lunch sometime soon? Shoot me a text or email or whatev!

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