gliding into this one slow

Morning, chickens!

It’s the gray, wet start of another work week here in Chicago, but if that’s what it takes to clear out the snow and move spring along, then I will (grumbling-ly) take it.

I’d rather see the sun though.

I think we all probably can agree on that.

This weekend was fairly low key, due to JW’s knee being still on the swollen, just-had-surgery side, but while he rested up, I did manage to pack in about 800 activities.

Bells, baby showers, errands, a pedicure, yoga, and more errands come to mind.

Also, a visit from the S family, which resulted in delicious brownies made by KD and a nice long night hanging out with my favorite teens, making dinner and watching movies.


As you can tell from my recent choice of activities, hanging out with these guys is pretty much at the top of my list.

I’m floating into this week with a great weekend behind me, and a few days and a quick trip to NJ for work ahead of me.

And then, chickadees, it’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the Second City.

Really, what’s better than that?

Pretty much nothing.

Enjoy this one, everyone- the sunshine’s always headed our way after the rain, right?



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One response to “gliding into this one slow

  1. just a few more weeks until 50’s and sunny are a regular thing. i keep telling myself that…

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