and i can’t change, even if i tried/even if i wanted to

Morning, chickadees.

And I apologize, again, for the long pause between posts.

First, I was in New Jersey for work.

I know.

I had a lovely view of the city from my room, found out that I can fly without xanax if only I drink more than I should, and was thankful to cruise back home to JW at the end of it.

“You smell like a bar,” he noted cheerfully when he picked me up.

If only I could report that things got better from there.

Alas, I spent the weekend doing not one thing I should, but several things that I wanted to do, and so I find myself a little scatterbrained (and dehydrated) this morning.

Sometimes, what you need is another drink, a bar stool next to your pal’s, and and permission to laugh until your sides burst.

It was that kind of weekend.

Sometimes you have to roll with what it is you know that you need.

And now, it’s the kind of week where I search out every vegetable I can get my paws on, hit the yoga mat with all the intentions I have, and drink every glass of water I can.

I just ate a half Luna bar and an apple for breakfast- It’s feeling very 2006 in my home today.

I plan on bringing us forward by this time tomorrow.

I hope the sunshine’s hitting you where you are today, chickens. Enjoy the start of this one.


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