with a light step

Morning, chickadees.

And welcome to the start of a new week.

Last week was a little bit rough, but after a lovely weekend of visiting with B, taking in the sites of Chicago, hanging with the S family, relaxing on the couch, and hanging out with my family, I’ve got plans for things to go more smoothly.

On Saturday, JW, B and I headed to my all time favorite place, which is the Museum of Science and Industry.

If you haven’t been, take the day off and get there immediately.

It’s my personal favorite because it’s acceptable to touch almost everything, and also, to be as loud as you need to be.

Such a relief, if you ask me.



The U-505 is literally the best thing I’ve ever laid my eyes.

Nothing like a little WWII submarine story to make your afternoon better.

And now, with one hundred lovely moments under my belt from the past two days, I’m ready to make another go of a jam-packed (though short-by-one-day) week that’s filled with meetings, yoga, goodbyes, and a trip to MI towards the end of it.

Spring’s a time for new things, chickens.

We’ve just got to remember that’s actually a good thing.




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