live on and be yourself

You guys.

I would just like to take one moment to insert myself.

I do that a lot, and I appreciate that you don’t hold it against me.

I’ve been hanging around the social media for the past 24 hours, and what I see is amazing.

It’s a sea of red equal signs.



I’m proud of how far this country has come, because I think five years ago, I might not have seen the same overwhelming support for our gay brothers and sisters.

It might have been too risky to put ourselves out there in support of a minority.

I’m also angry, because it’s ridiculous that we’re still even having this argument. I’ve seen out there in the internet world, a couple of people denouncing gay marriage, in the name of Christianity and religion and freedom of opinion.

And I think that everyone’s entitled to their own ideas.

But some opinions, I think, are wrong.

Are unjust, at the least.

Being against gay marriage is one of those, in my own very humbled opinion.

Religion is being used as a crutch, a thinly veiled excuse for people to stand behind what’s really nothing but hatred.

I know that sounds harsh.

But I believe, down to my bones, that if you’re the kind of person who actually thinks you’re doing God’s work by taking away the rights of two people who love each other, then you’re preaching bigotry.

And I’m glad that I don’t have to answer to anyone for that.

In a world where things are sometimes dark, violent, and scary, how can we discourage even one iota of love that might add to the positive energy of this whole life experience we’ve all been given?

It doesn’t seem very Christ-like to me.

And it’s certainly not very nice.

In the words of one of my new favorite Macklemore songs, “a certificate on paper/isn’t gonna solve it all/but it’s a damn good place to start.”

Let’s get it started, chickadees.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.





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2 responses to “live on and be yourself

  1. Kathy Hendricks

    Well said, Nikki! It never ceases to amaze me that people use all kinds of excuses that really cover bigotry or fear. It is time to move on with this issue and get to the real issues that we all face today.

  2. I very much agree with all of your points. I really don’t think I have much else to say here.

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