shifting to a sunnier place

Morning, chickens.

The sun is shining so brightly for this early, and it has me convinced that today is gonna be a good one.

This week has been a fairly quick-moving string of days, ending for me this afternoon and leaving me with a long weekend for heading to MI and visiting family for Easter.

It’s good to leave the city limits once in awhile to get a little perspective, chicks.

Although, this is one beautiful place.



In other news, I’ve been spending the past few days trying something that I think might be a little crazy: I’m trying the gluten free thing.

Not because I want to, chickadees.

Let’s be clear.

However, the more research I do about my currently unmedicated RA (I like nothing more than a rogue chronic illness, you guys), the more I think I might be able to get it under more control with a little elimination experiment.

You know, since trying things the conventional way with medication left me covered in hives, and also, not better.


My first plan involved giving it a week, but a friend suggested that perhaps one week wasn’t long enough to get a good snapshot.

Unfortunately, I agreed, and so I’m down my favorite food group for the next three weeks, which is basically bread.

So far what I’ve noticed: I’ve eaten more vegetables than ever in the past three days (awesome), but I also still want a bagel.

One step at a time, right?

Enjoy this sunshine chickadees, it’s a beautiful day out there.



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