I only knew how to hold on tight.

Good morning, chickens!

And welcome to the very middle of the week.

Which isn’t really a bad place to be, all things considered.

I’m hoping to be a bit more productive during this one, since last night consisted of one giant headache and three solid hours of catching up on my DVR.

Sometimes I think you just need to give into the need to couch it.

Also, sometimes you need to get your husband to show you as many funny television shows as possible following the series finale of the Walking Dead so that you can fall asleep without having dreams about zombies and one-eyed governors.

I recommend the Mindy Project for scenarios like that one.

Up today: the Second City inches towards 50 degrees, I maybe one day get my wallet back (I left it at my mom’s a week ago, and have somehow managed to live off of one twenty dollar bill JW gave me since- this either makes me resourceful or cheap- I can’t decide which), and I hit up kettlebells after one week off.

Which essentially means that I’ll be panting for an hour while G blasts Metallica and insists that I am a person of the sun.

It’s all in the name of being a healthy, well-balanced individual, chickens.

Although sometimes I think the elliptical might be a quieter place to live.

Enjoy this one, everyone!



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2 responses to “I only knew how to hold on tight.

  1. I think I’ll be couching it the rest of the week- although I’ve lowered the intensity on my cardio, an ache in my leg won’t go away. Trying to head it off now before it gets to the point where it is an issue for my june race. Meh.

    YAY for the middle of the week! I’ll take it!

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