enjoying every second of this one.

Morning, chickadees!

It’s a rainy (but warm you guys! Warm!) day in Chicago, and while I am not looking forward to making the trek into work, I am feeling pretty good about the nice weekend I just had.

Lots of time with my pals, babies, and family, and I might just have gotten a couple errands finished too.

It looked a little something like this.



After an impromptu Mexican dinner and tequila drinking Friday night with my best pals (no, thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of our fashion show), I spent the entirety of Saturday shrugging off a maybe-hangover while watching Aus play baseball (run baby, run! I yelled at he sprinted around all the bases. After the game, he noted that I had to stop calling him baby. Someone might think you’re my girlfriend, he said. I still don’t know how to take that one from a high school freshman) and hanging with KD and Tob.

Yesterday, it was yoga, errands, more errands, bloody marys with my mom&dad and pals, a surprise sighting of the S family, and then an alarming amount of paperwork for a Sunday night.

Things are happening around here, chickens.

And with that, let’s cycle through another week.




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One response to “enjoying every second of this one.

  1. As I trudged to work through the rain and sat sticky and wet on the brown line, i did remind myself that it’s at least warm. It *almost* made me feel better about the commute… lol

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