folding into the gray

Morning, chickens!

And welcome to another pouring.down.rain day in Chicago.

It’s pretty much never ending this week, but I’m hoping it means warmer weather is on its way.

I am ignoring that the forecast predicts snow on Friday.

Denial’s not always the worst place to be.

All of the rain is certainly making me a little bit creakier, and so I’m spending this day locked away with my laptop.

You’ve gotta know when to fold a little bit, you guys.

In other news, I spent the entirety of last night watching one million episodes of Breaking Bad but then ending the evening by watching The Mindy Project because honestly, I don’t like to go to bed having dreams of the Mexican cartel.

I’m a little bit of a television sissy these days.

Mindy Kaling makes me laugh my head off, and every time I watch that show, I really just want her to be my best friend.

That’s not weird, right?


I didn’t think so.

And with that, I’m off to get through a pile of work and a pot of coffee.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it chickadees- we could use some around here.



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