hillsides and high lunges.

Hey there, chickadees!

Happy, happy, happy Friday!

We deserve this one.

It occurs to me that during this long, gray week, I’ve been a little dreary.

Blame it on the rain.

In any case, that does not mean that things haven’t been spitting.water.out.of.my.mouth hysterical around here, and so I thought I’d share a couple of gems.

Laughing is just about as good as sunshine, after all.


It has come to my attention during the past several weeks that my bed is on a slant. At first it was just sort of irritating, but lately, I find myself positioning my body on the top corner of the mattress, so I don’t slide down during the night.

JW insisted this was in my head.

Meanwhile, I was mountain climbing in my dreams.

Eventually, I forced him to lift up the bed, where it has been revealed that the frame is a little bent.

Maybe too many gluten free cheese curls?

Despite my pleas to fix the corner , JW refuses to use his brute strength to bend it back into place until at least the weekend.

I’m sleeping on a hillside, chickens.


Generally on Thursday nights, I hang out at work until 6:30 or so and then go to yoga.

Last night, I realized that after arriving to the office over an hour earlier than usual, there was no way I would make it until 6:30 in my cubicle.

We’ve all got our limits.

I texted Ky and asked her if she had plans, and met her for dinner, since my house really only has green smoothie ingredients and weird sweet popcorn that I bought by accident in it.

The end of the week gets a little weird around here.

Despite knowing that I had yoga in an hour, I decided to have a glass of wine with my pal.

One glass couldn’t hurt, right?

Then I had another.

Ky laughed at me, because she knows my willpower in the face of wine is nonexistent.

I only ordered this wine so we could split the bill right down the middle, I hissed.

It’s a wine of convenience. 

Ky raised her eyebrows and told me not to worry, she wasn’t reading into my wine that much.

It was a lesson though, chicks.

High lunges and spinal twists are not really compatible with two glasses of red wine.

But it’s important to learn something new every day.

Enjoy this one, chickadees!


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