getting right into it.

Morning chickens!

And welcome to a brand new week.

Yesterday was a lovely respite in this otherwise still.pretty.bleak spring season that we’re having.

Friday is threatening snow flurries, and I’m really having a hard time wrapping my head around that one.

All this rain better make for one beautiful, green summer.

That is all I can say about that.

However, in the spirit of keeping it positive, and also, you guys, at least it’s not 25 degrees out, I give you the following:



It’s good advice, chickadees. And what I have is one lovely weekend complete with condo hunting, sunshine, soccer, bells, celebrations, and dinner with my mom and dad and baby brother.

Also one long, lazy afternoon in which I finished the entire first season of Girls (and yes, it’s my favorite thing), and rifled through old papers and pictures under my bed. Here’s one of the gems I found:



Yes, the sweatshirt is awesome.

I know it.

Also found: rules for a happy bedroom written by Jennie and I circa 1995, a letter I wrote my roommates’ when we graduated from college, and original artwork by Aus when he was eight.

Also, a note he wrote me from his second grade class. Of course, original anything by tiny Aus made me burst into tears, because when did he get so old?

In any case, chickens, I have a whole host of beautiful, amazing things that are propelling me into this week with a good attitude.

Despite the rain.

I’ve got an umbrella, after all.

Enjoy this one chicks.


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