motivation and yoga puddles.

Morning, chickadees.

And thanks for all your lovely words about my words yesterday.

We’re all feeling it, chickens.


Last night, after a long day at work and a quick dinner with JW, I decided that it was not the kind of time to just be sitting around.

Generally, Tuesday is the only day that I abandon yoga and bells, but I thought it might be good to keep moving.

Cue up a class that is actually named Yoga Body Blast.

12 months ago I would have made fun of it and gone for a seven mile run instead, but you know, I’m expanding my interests these days.

The idea is that you pair circuits with yoga.

I was terrified.

I’m terrified, I told JW.

JW then gave me the business.

You’ve run two half marathons, he said.

I nodded.

Countless race, he reminded me.

You did a triathlon, he finished with.

It’s always a good point to finish on.

And you’re scared of a yoga class?

I nodded again.

But I got his point.

So I picked up my mat and headed out.

Chickens, that class is terrifying.

Trying to transition from high lunges to standing splits to warrior 3 in circuits is both embarrassing to look at and painful the day after completion.

I fell over several times, collapsing in a yoga puddle on the floor.

It’s all about opening yourself up to a little healthy scrutiny, you guys.

Enjoy this one.


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