learn some respect.


This rain.

Our pocket of the city (and many others, I suspect) has had enough water, and it’s actually starting to flood.

It’s looking pretty scary out there.

I have concerns about having to swim to work.

And important questions come to mind, like, should I even bother drying my hair?

This should be an interesting commute.


Last night, CJ, LM and I decided to stay downtown post work for just one drink.

Which obviously turned into five drinks.

Which meant laughing for three hours.

When we piled into a cab (still raining you guys- it’s always raining here), we fought over who went home last.

We also argued about the exact path of I-94 vs. Lakeshore Drive, wildly gesturing what west and east turns we thought each route would take us.

LM noted that she was really getting the worst deal of all passengers onboard by being dropped off last.

We’ll give you cash, we joked.

I don’t mean my money, she said seriously.

I mean you’re taking up all my precious time.

More laughing.

Eventually, we got home, and LM had to battle a by-now-cranky cab driver who she insisted “learn some respect” as she paid him.

I arrived home to JW flipping between Willy Wonka and one of the Saw movies, which didn’t even seem that odd, due, I think, to the five glasses of wine I’d had.

Ending the night with Willy Wonka is maybe one of my new favorite things.

Stay dry out there, chickens.




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2 responses to “learn some respect.

  1. Hope you stay dry! I know a lot of area schools closed for a “rain day” because the roads are so bad! Eeeeep.

  2. Sounds like a fun evening. Will this rain ever stop?

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