making a move.

Ok chickens, we made it through Monday.

This morning, it looks like more rain out there.

Let me emphasize how over the rain I am.

I’m working on an attitude adjustment this morning, but it doesn’t seem to be working out quite the way I planned.

However, despite some creaky joints and misbehaving hair, I refuse to call it in before eight am.

That just seems silly.


JW and I have very nearly purchased a condo, chickadees.

After several months of not really focusing (you’re the worst condo hunter I know, he said sternly to me at one point. I’m the only condo hunter you know, I noted. He was maybe right) and then panicking and focusing immediately, we found a sweet little building just a little bit west of where we live now.

It’s close to a park, my favorite grocery store, and also, it turns out that it’s a mere two blocks from these guys.


And fingers crossed because there is always one last thing to be done before it’s actually ours, but we’re feeling good about our next move over here, you guys.

Next up: purging this apartment of five years of things acquired.

You’d be surprised at the objects you decide are worth hanging onto, chickens.

Enjoy this one- and the sunshine if you’ve got it.


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