keeping it together.

Morning, chickadees.

While it is still pretty gray out over here, it looks like it’s not quite raining, and I’ll take that.

Yesterday was the kind of day that demands that you spend it on the couch catching up on television, so after work, that is precisely what I did.

I’m feeling much more ambitious this morning.

I also woke up to NPR informing me that there is a chance it might not rain until next Tuesday after just a few more showers tonight.

This is the best news I’ve heard in days, chickens.

Especially since my umbrella is on the fritz.

After messing with it all the way up and onto the platform, I couldn’t get it to close.

I spent the entire train ride home last night clenching it with all my temperamental joint strength- no matter how much closed and shut it, it resisted.

I had visions of clocking my seat mate to the floor in an explosion of pink vinyl and metal spokes.

I thought that would probably get me kicked off the CTA.

Luckily, I made it all the way home without injuring anyone or myself.

A feat of strength, if you will.

A little sunshine would really take the pressure off, chicks.

Enjoy this one, especially if you’re dry.




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