keeping it serious

Morning, chickadees.

So far, no more rain.

And a forecast that includes weather in the 60s this weekend.

Last night, I headed to kettlebells, hoping to drum up some positive energy.

“I have so much energy for you tonight!” G yelled in my face.

This seems to be a common theme with him.

I spent the hour swinging and hoisting, and listening to G tell me of the improved state of my triceps.

Comforting news, since generally, every time I manage a tricep move, my elbows crack like a whip.

It’s unpleasant sometimes, in this weird, unpredictable body.

But it’s nice to be recognized for my triceps.

Later on during class, I found myself working into an oblique twist when G started tickling me.

You guys, I think I’ve made it known that bells is serious.

It is not a time for joking around.

However, G apparently thinks I need to lighten up, and let the class know that he thought it was funny that he could tickle me while I continued to work out.

He’s lucky I still have work to do on my triceps before summer.

Enjoy this dry one, chickens. The weekend’s about to hit us.



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