five good things: that’s what makes you beautiful edition.

Chickadees, Friday is upon us.

And the sun is shining.

And it’s rumored to be in the 60s this weekend.

So in the spirit of what’s been a long, gray, tough couple of weeks, let’s focus on five things that make it all right.

1. My baby sister’s pal KC has written a book.

A book that will be published.

A book with a new cover.

KC is from New York and lives in Boston and is generally my soul sister and my role model.

I’m just so proud of you, sweet girl!

2. Walking from work to the train the other day, after a week of umbrella incidents and swollen joints and general malaise, I strolled across the State Street bridge to this.



It’s a good week to be breathing, chicks.

3. We’re in full purging mode over here in our apartment. I’m trying to picture all my weird, old stuff in my new condo, and if I can’t think of a place for it, it’s got to go. Determined to contribute in what has mostly been a JW-driven project thus far, I decided to deal with all of our living room drawers last night. I bravely opened what I knew was a drawer jammed full of strange objects, but it slid right open, and was basically empty.

JW, I’m onto you.

Also, thanks for staying a step ahead of me.

In addition, what’s more fun than finding photos like this?


4. Minimal things are planned around here this weekend. I’ve got several options, which include bells, organizing, soccer, trying to see the teens & their baby brother, and hanging on my parents’ patio.

This is what a spring weekend should look like, chickens.

5. I’m starting this weekend off with yoga in a big, airy studio and my sticky mat. There is no cure to a long week like a couple yoga poses and some deep breathing.

Namaste, chickadees, and enjoy every second of this beautiful day. You deserve it.




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2 responses to “five good things: that’s what makes you beautiful edition.

  1. oohhh… I LOVE finding old family photos… you guys are adorbs!

    Have a nice relaxing weekend, my friend. IT’S FINALLY HERRREEE.

  2. Enjoy the lovely weekend! get a run in! from – not a chickadee

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