please shine down on me.

I’m making this one quick, chickadees.

I may have had too much fun yesterday, resulting in lots of laughs and an early bedtime.

I don’t regret that it’s got me moving a little bit slower than usual this morning.

Also a delight: the sun finally made an appearance this weekend, along with seasonal temperatures, clearing the way for soccer game watching, bonfire having, and deck sitting.

All things I’ve been waiting (im)patiently for during the past few months.

So in the absence of well-placed words this morning, here’s what the weekend brought to me.





That’s how you enjoy two days off, chickens.

Next up, a day at work, a hot yoga studio, and trying to make my home look a little bit less like a crack den.

Things get weird when you’re in the midst of something new, chicks.

It’s time to get things organized over here.

Enjoy this beautiful start to the week, everyone!


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One response to “please shine down on me.

  1. This weekend was most definitely amazing. Can we just have a weekend like that on repeat? Like… forever?

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