telling the story

Morning chickens.

Despite the fact that the weather has cooled off and it looks like rain out there, it’s a Friday, and that’s the story I’m sticking to this morning.

It’s the right story to tell.

Yesterday I was busy running late for an early meeting (early meetings, you guys, are the worst) and blogging for my little sister over here, so I couldn’t make an appearance on my own landing page.

Sorry about that.

In any case, after a long week of adult appointments, meetings and other office-y woes, I’m ready to put my head down, get through this day, and then head to a little Friday evening yoga.

I’ll take 60 minutes of calm any way I can take it, chicks.

Bonus when there’s a good playlist and a head stand involved.

Also tonight: a Cinco de Mayo-esque mini-celebration with my pals involving both Mexican food and tequila.

I can think of nothing else I’d rather be doing to start off the weekend.

The next two days are the last ones before mid-June that aren’t full-to-the-brim with activities, plans, and traveling.

That means a combination of packing, relaxing, and laughing as much as I can.

I’m enjoying every last second of it, chickadees.

Enjoy this one- we’ve hit the weekend!


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  1. Definetly keep that sacred time for R&R in your day clear! It pays you back 10 fold! Happy Friday!

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