this pretty little scene

Morning, chickies!

And welcome to the middle of the week.

That happened fast, didn’t it?

So far, I’m enjoying warmer temperatures, sunny skies, and a new haircut.

A new haircut pretty much solves the world’s problems.

This could be because the man who cuts my hair is one of my favorite people on the planet (and also maybe because they serve me wine while I hang), but the why doesn’t matter so much.

Also: yesterday morning, right after promising to turn my attitude around, I ran into this pretty little scene:



That’s enough to cheer up anyone, chickadees.

Up today: one day at work, and one confirmation service for tiny baby little KD, who’s apparently getting older every second.

I wanted to get her a new cross bracelet I’ve been admiring, but it turned out it was sold out online.

I asked JW if he’d stop by Nordstrom after work to see if he could find it, and he agreed.

An hour later, I got to work, and had several IMs from my husband.

He had done extensive research on the bracelet, calling several stores, including one in the suburbs that would have taken him an hour to get to by train.

I would have done it, he let me know.

I think KD’s his favorite, you guys.

In any case, he was able to find a suitable replacement, which he picked up by noon.

I can’t really blame him, KD’s my favorite too.


Enjoy the sunshine, chickens!



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