making it simple

Chickens, it is Friday.

And rainy.

And colder than it was yesterday.

But still, Friday is progress.

So we’ll take it.

And smile about it.

This has been a crazy week of running around, getting things done, and not going to yoga quite as much as I’d like to.

Also: Gene the kettlebell instructor has taken to his mother Russia for three weeks, leaving me with no swinging and lifting outlet.

When I whined to him that three weeks was a long time, he told me he had to inspire us to travel by traveling himself, and then cheerfully suggested that we simply eat less in his absence.

It’s a good thing I like him so much.

Up this weekend: JW’s parents are in, which means lots of eating and hanging, celebrating Mother’s Day, and maybe trying to pack a couple more things into boxes.

Our apartment was rented this week, so now we’ve got an end date: June 27, there’s a lot between now and you.

And because I likely won’t get myself to post this weekend among all of the goings-on, here is a lovely picture of my mom to celebrate her nearly 30 years of hanging out with me.



Enjoy this one chickadees, we’ve earned this weekend!


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