keeping my eye on it.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome to the middle of the week.

Last night, JW and I met up with CJ, LM, and R, sat outside, had a few drinks, and laughed until our sides hurt.

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing as good as a Tuesday night happy hour.

Especially when it seems that the weather’s finally turned around.

It will likely snow tomorrow because I said that.

In any case, as I hit a day full of more meetings than I can count, I’m focusing on the fact that on Saturday, I’ll be wheels up to Vegas with my bffs to celebrate CC’s 30th birthday.

Oh man, someone please explain how our 20s got away from us so fast?

Maybe I’ll find the answer by the pool this weekend.

I’m planning on enjoying the sun, several vodka drinks, and the possibility of winning all of the money.

I likely will win no money, since my expertise is limited to several slot machines when I was 21 and a drunken lesson in blackjack that occurred in Indiana.

You’ve got to start somewhere, right chickadees?

And with that, I’m off to face this one head on.

Like I really have any other options.

Enjoy it, chicks.


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