you’re in all my best stories.

Happy Thursday, chickadees!

We’re almost to the end of this long week, and I’ve got more plans for hitting the yoga mat.

It makes things almost tolerable.

This isn’t a day to talk about me, though.

Today, you guys, is my bff’s birthday.

J(D)C and I have been friends since we were 18, and I was annoying and needy in a college dorm, and she came to my rescue.

I had no Halloween costume, and no friends, really, and she was nice enough to help me with both of those problems.

She’s been coming to my rescue ever since, chickens.

JC and I have been roommates, travel companions, partners in crime, and generally soul sisters for over a decade.

She’s in every story I have that’s even worth telling.



This is maybe one of my all time favorite photos of us.

It looks like maybe I’m helping her for once.

So on this beautiful day, I’m planning on celebrating the universe for throwing us together. JC, thanks for making me laugh, letting me stick to you like glue, and keeping me out of traffic all these years.

There’s no one better than you, bestie.

Here’s to so many more decades of questionable decisions and exciting adventures.

Enjoy this one, chickens!




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