got me down on my knees/next stop, vegas please

Ok chickadees, I’m but 24 hours from getting out of dodge and getting into some trouble, and I cannot wait.

I’m looking forward to ridiculously warm temperatures, bright lights, and cocktails straight until Monday.

Sounds like a pretty good little weekend, right?

The last time I was in Vegas, I was 22 years old- I spent the majority of the time sitting at a slot machine playing a game called “Hot, Hot, Penny,” and losing my phone in various locations.

JC kept trying to teach me a lesson by picking up my phone and not telling me had it, but this backfired when it turned out I could go hours without caring that it was missing.

Especially when I was fixated on paying penny slots.

I have not gotten one iota cooler in the past seven years, so this should be an interesting mini-vacation.


The above is nothing more than proof that I am not the kind of person who should vacation in glamorous places.

And yes, I’m pretending I’m in a WWI trench in this picture.

Don’t ask.

In any case, tonight’s activities include yoga, manicures, and trying to figure out if I actually own anything I want to wear this weekend.

Also, deep breathing, because my doctor’s assistant explained to me that they don’t refill xanax prescriptions anymore without actually coming in to see a professional.

Even if I just want it for flying? I said, you know, casually.

Even then, it turns out.

Enjoy this one, chickadees, we’re about to hit the weekend!



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