if only i had a little bit more time

Oh chickadees.

I had an amazing weekend full of friends, pools, gambling, and bright lights.

I came home, hit the sheets, and woke up to sad news, the kind that takes your breath from your lungs.

Sad news that’s not mine to share, so I won’t, but some days, chicken, they wring the energy out of you.

I immediately thought of something I read over on Momastery, where G constantly talks about holding space for people as a way of sending good energy or prayers their way.

I’m holding all the space I can this week.

Then yesterday, in my haze of meetings and over thinking and not thinking enough, I stumbled across this video, which had me in tears, the good kind and the bad kind.

Watch this one

I can’t get it to embed this morning, but you want to click on that link.

The story is of an 18-year old named Zach who has cancer, who’s a songwriter and an inspiration and generally the kind of person we’d all like to be.

And he died this week.

I think sometimes, when things seem busy and stressful and unmanageable, really big things help us to remember how lucky we are to have the kind of life where we have so many things that they seem unmanageable.

Hold some space for someone who needs it today, chickadees.







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  1. Love you, Nikki. Lucky to have you. Xoxoxo.

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