realigning what is good.

Morning chickadees.

This is an early one.

I’m one week from 14 days of whirlwind crazy, and so I’m picking up the pace over here.

And thanking the universe that it’s Friday.

Last night my sister was in town, which meant that I had the pleasure of seeing her lovely face twice in one week.



I’ll take it as a stroke of good luck.

Also yesterday, among all the good news to be had, my dear pals J&V had their first baby, a beautiful little girl named Aurora.



I was obviously in love as soon as I laid eyes on her.

I can’t wait to meet this pretty little girl.

Sometimes, when you’ve had a week with some rough parts, the world reminds you why it’s still such a good place.

And with that, I’m off to early meetings and a cold morning, because Chicago is just not so sure it’s interested in summer coming this year.

You better make up your mind quickly, city, before you’ve got us all revolting.

It appears to be in the actual 30s out there, which is driving me into a little despair.

Also, I suspect I’ve packed all my coats.

Live and learn, chickadees, and enjoy this one.



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