are we gonna do this or what?

All right chickadees, that was a nice weekend.

We spent it packing, working, visiting, celebrating my nephew’s soon to be arrival on the lake, eating ribs, and doing some more work.

I can’t complain too much about that.



And now, it’s back to the grind chickadees. In three short days, I’m hopping a plane to Orlando, where I’ll hang (read: work a lot and catch up with some of my favorite people) for seven days, take one long breath, and jump on another plane to Dallas, where I’ll spend the next week doing it all again with another group.

When I come back, I’ll (fingers crossed) have a new home and a nice nap, and it will officially be summer, for me.

So we’re full steam ahead over here packing up, tying loose ends, finishing slides, and taking all the cleansing breaths I’ve got until I leave.

I’m not sure I’ve been away from home longer than a week since I went to Rome, and you guys, that was almost ten (GASP) years ago and so totally not the same thing.

But bring it on, because also, I can totally do this no problem.

Or with minimal problems anyway.

Like do I have enough clothes for this?

Wish me luck, chickadees- and enjoy this short week!




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2 responses to “are we gonna do this or what?

  1. Al

    Where are you staying in Orlando?

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