rock me mama like a southbound train

All right chickadees.

Yesterday was a little rough.

And really long.

After staring at a screen for 13 hours, the following things happened:

1. I tried to grab some chips from the vending machine. I thought that maybe I could keep plugging along if I wasn’t so hungry. However, once I put my money in the machine, the chips ended up wedged up against some “hungry size” pretzels.

Generally, I’d just walk away, but again, desperate.

So I backed up, took a running start, and launched myself into the machine.

Nothing happened.

I did this several more times before realizing that if anyone was still left in the building, I was proving myself to be a psycho.

2. When it was finally time to leave, it was in a ridiculous, monsoon-y storm.

I thought about just camping out for the night in my cubicle.

I found my umbrella and marched outside.

Just a little rain, right?

I promptly got my umbrella stuck in a revolving door and ripped one of the spokes trying to detach myself.

Almost funny.

Except that I looked a little like a drowned rat.

3. When I got home, this was waiting for me, which maybe made it better than it should have.



No, thank you Mayor Booker.

All right, chickens, it’s two nights until go time and I’ve got a full agenda, so I’m off.

I wish you warm weather and fully functioning umbrellas for this one.



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2 responses to “rock me mama like a southbound train

  1. Becky

    I JUST beat the storm, which means I left work just before you, which means next time you’re ravenous you need to visit my snack drawer/gchat me. Go team!

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