Bouncing back

Morning chickadees! My mornings are getting increasingly earlier as I head toward go time, but that’s ok, because you guys, go time is basically here.

And that’s good news.

Also good news: I finally dragged my creaky, cranky self into the doctor yesterday morning, and I’ve got a new prescription and a new outlook on life.

And after only one dose, please let me tell you. I was feeling really awful without knowing it.

Sometimes you get used to awful, and chickens, that is no way to live your life.

So this morning, after several weeks of feeling like I am maybe not going to live through the next two weeks of traveling, let me tell you something.

The next two weeks are not a problem.

I’ve got this.

In other news, the sun is shining, it’s stopped raining, and it’s almost too warm for a cardigan.

Hey there summer, thanks for showing up just in time.

Enjoy the sunshine, chickadees. Next stop, Orlando!


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