Wheels up and heads down

Ok chickadees.

I’m headed out for the next 14 days. I’ve recruited some of my besties to keep the lights on in my absence, so enjoy- it will be a nice departure from my stories of creaking joints and yoga.

We can all use a little break sometimes.

I’m flying out to 2 conferences with one split second in the middle- I’m not sure yet if I’m more terrified or excited.

Sometimes those are the same thing anyway, in my experience.

When I come back, summer in Chicago will be in full swing, and also, JW, because he is the best, will have moved us into our brand new condo.

I waved goodbye to our sweet little apartment this morning, the site of our first love nest, the place where we almost broke up over shoving a couch up a flight of stairs, where we had awesome pizza parties and other celebrations, and where JW lunged across the floor and asked me to marry him even though I was actively yelling at him.

Oh man, we’ve had a nice go of it, and next up, a new adventure. Thanks 1617, you’ve been nothing but good to us.


Next up, plane rides, slides, and getting things moving. Enjoy the sunshine, chickens, and I’ll see you when I get back!


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